Monday, July 27, 2009

Fairchild Tapes Discography

F.T 1-Live at Turnup Volume 1 c30-Jeff Host, Andrew Kirschner,Crude Hill,SkinGraft,Matt Mulane&Adam Pycell, Kill The Hippies-

F.T 2-Live at Turnup Volume 2 c30-Tusco Terror,J Guy Laughlin,MothCock,Snuff Film-

F.T 3-Orel Hershiser c30-Collagey stuff from around the globe-Gone

F.T 4-Godfreyc30-Solo Pat jams from freeworld-Gone

F.T 5-Corpsepimper2xc30- The left channel of your stereo-Gone

F.T 6-MothCock 8 track- 8 track tape might not work past 1978-Gone

F.T 7-Ed Parkhill 8 track/c30-Jams from secret guy who lives in his house-Gone

F.T 8-MothCock-Olga Worrel's Southwestern Holistic Healing Childrens Gospel Choir- c30 gone

F.T9-Godfrey/Corpsepimper-split c20-

F.T10-MothCock-Unused machines c20-

F.T 11-Jeff Host-Metabolism Burger fueled jams by our ex roomie-

F.T12-Host/Mothcock Split-Pro's vs Joe's-

F.T 13-Live at Turnup Volume 3-Featuring Tiger Hatchery, Rot Ton Bon, Sky Limo, and Dr Quinn-

F.T 14 The last BrickFace show c20 Laptop smashing fury by Mr. Ben

F.T 15 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and The Silver Bullet Band- Red Hot Curry Fury c30

Coming Soon Matthew Mullane and Live at Turnup vol 4 VoV just wiped us out of everything but come september stuff will be available again.

Tapes can be ordered for 4 dollars ppd us 6 dollars ppd rest of world. Paypal

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