Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Tape!!!

Yah so Fairchild has had a pretty slow 2010 lots of broken things but we got a new tape for ya. Its a Duo of Wyatt & Amanda Howland and it's most likely the grimiest,scumiest, most uneasy recording we have ever put out. It is seriously disgusting i took these pics to help give you an idea

seriously this tape is the day after a bottle of shitty liquour and a spicy chicken pizza. ITs dubbed on c20s but its only about 15 ,16 minutes long trust me any longer and you would need to use the shitter. So ya same deal 5ppd us 7 international. I also have copies of the Steel Dangerous/ Khaki Blazer split on pizza night and the Steel Dangerous/Chemtrials duo on cylydrical for sale. Be on the look out for a synaptic Foliage tape coming soon. Keep ur eyes on the prize.


  1. everything fairchild puts out makes me feel like i have bugs crawling all over my body.