Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tom selleck waterfalls and sandwhiches

Ok so heres a rundown of some shit going down. This Friday at the Stone Tavern Dog Lady, New pledgemaster,strange brews, and khaki blazer 110 east main come hang.

Then really big news Mar 10th Chicago's Twista will be doing a meet and greet at The Vinyl Unerground in Kent. Deadly serious

Sunday at the shittiest bar in kent the water street tavern home of the roaming bro rumours are abounding that george clinton is playing

Lastly Mar 12-17th Mothcock will be road cruising with Outerspace and The smartest man in all of Canada Mr Moskos(Drainolith) i will post dates soon.

oh yah and the reason this post is titled what it is

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