Friday, March 25, 2011

New batch

Yo 4 new Fairchild tapes check it out

Steel Dangerous self titled- Spoken word about my favorite powedered drinks, the wnba, and tim mcgraw shows at blossom sold out

Moth Cock- Spring 2011 mothcock playing in the spring of 2011

Khaki Blazer- Pat showering everyone with whatever the fuck goes on in his acid reflux induced half brain.

Isle of Sodor- Super Focused laser beam from Adam Miller d.d.s one of ohio's current champions. Kid is beasting it these days check it out.

so these tapes were for tour and as such we dont have many left. There are 6 moth cock tapes, 0 Steel Dangerous, 1 Khaki Blazer, and 2 Isle of Sodor's left. Tynan at dnt will have a couple of copies for sale of everything and Adam will have copies of his tape as soon as i see him next. There you go party on bros

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